What lies behind us and what lies before us are very small matters as compared to what lies within us. And what lies within us will stay with us for lifetime no matter what the circumstances are.

Our first batch of class 12th was all set to kick start their new journey with all the beautiful memories and experiences of their life at BLISS. The valedictory function was organised by their juniors, class 11th and the whole event turned out to be another memorable day in the lives of class 12 students. The program started with felicitation, introductory speech and blessings by director ma’am and principal sir followed by songs and dance performances. Then came the most memorable part of the whole event and that was the experience sharing part by the seniors. They were hesitant initially but once they opened up, the bottled up feelings came out like the fizz from the soda bottle.

Students shared the funny incidences of their hostel life, their memorable moments with their roommates and their feelings for their teachers and classmates. They apologized for their mistakes and felt gratitude for everyone and everything they have been blessed for. Teachers also shared their thoughts with their beloved children. Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we are here we should dance. Everyone enjoyed music and dance followed by a scrumptious dinner. Overall it was a grand farewell party for our beloved children. Wherever they will go in life they will always carry all the beautiful memories of BLISS and we wish them a very BLISSFUL future ahead.

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