The traditional Garba dance has gained much popularity over a period of time in across India, which has a sizeable mix of Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati population. As for celebrations, some play Garba to earn the blessings of the goddess. In order to introduce new generation with our tradition and traditional dance, we chose ‘Garba Dance’ as Saturday Activity on October 20, 2018. Garba dance is good to gain energy and one of the best activities to develop gross motor skills in among the students.

Pre-primary teachers quenched students’ thirst of curiosity about why they are on traditional bright coloured costumes. Palak ma’am explained importance of being traditional and Garba Dance.
Parents were informed beforehand to teach the toddlers few dance steps . It turned out with positive response when extremely energetic young ones flashed in with their vibrant performances. Mrs. Chitra Najwale showed the students Garba dance steps. Kids did not take long to catch up with teacher’s dance steps. Not only they danced well on Garba tracks but also they blew over with new dance steps. Their creativity showed round in their movement and steps. Ms Ranjana Thakur also joined the students while looking after discipline.
During the activity following Keywords were used constantly make the kids remember them:Steps, Move, TurnTurn around Clap Slow Costume Fast Slow down Not too fast.

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