Parents give you life, but it’s your teacher who shapes up your personality and guide you towards the right path in your life. Teacher’s day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Sarvapalli Dr Radha Krishnan who is remembered for his exceptional work in the field of education.

Students of BLISS organised a great event to show their love and respect to their teachers on teacher’s day. A special program was organised by students of class 11th and 12th during first half of the day. All the teachers were greeted with flowers and cards made by students followed by songs and dance performances. Senior students dressed as teachers and assumed the roles of respective teachers and took their classes.

Teacher’s day is celebrated to tell the world that teaching is the profession which makes all other professions. In Indian culture a teacher( Guru) is given the highest position and we all must respect our teachers because they are the guiding light to the path of our life.

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