What do you get when you put together a group of energetic, restless, and mischievous kids in a room?
Chaos and noise, if you ask a school teacher!
Getting a group of kids to pay attention in a classroom is no easy task. Whether it is a party or inside a classroom, games and activities are the best tools to keep children engaged. A fun or challenging activity can keep them focused on what you are saying.

Sports are the best way to take toddlers attention and to make them warm up to get ready to fight the chilly winter. Therefore, Pre-Primary teachers decided ‘Sports Day’ as a part of this Saturday activity. There were different games lined up like Fruits Race, Running Race, Biscuit Race, Book Balancing Race and Frog Jump Race.

As the winter is sneaking into the atmosphere, our kids crawled out to enjoy the soothing sunshine. This Saturday our teachers decided to let the children enjoy out so that kids can wallow in the sunshine before the weather turns into foggy and chilled. All the games were best for the development of gross motor skills.

Chitra ma’am was instructor for each game. She explained the each games for the children. Renuka Rathore ma’am was scorer she penned down all the winners names. Ranjana ma’am was looking after discipline. Palak ma’am was playing assistant role for all the teachers.

Winners Name

Biscuit Race

(UKG)                                                   (LKG)    

Prince   1st                                           Gunjan 1st

Shivam 2nd                                                                Manvendra 2nd

Abhay 3rd                                             Aarav Choudhary 3rd

Chiku Race

(Nursery)                                            (Playgroup)                       

Ayaan 1st                                                                     Kartik 1st                       

Anshuman 2nd                                   Manjeet 2nd

Riddham 3rd                                        Akshita 3rd

Frog Race

(LKG)                                                     (UKG)

Manavendra 1st                                Abhay 1st

Aryan 2nd                                             Koustubh 2nd

Soumya Pareek 3rd                          Rishan 3rd

Book Balancing


Daniya 1st

Aksha 2nd

Lalita 3rd

  • The following words introduced during the activity:
  1. Run
  2. Get set go
  3. Chew
  4. Stand
  5. Race
  6. Jump
  7. Position
  8. Eat
  9. Sit
  10. Fast

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