During the cold time of the year, when kids feel that it’s hard to play outdoor we tried one of the ideas to chill winter season with these winter craft ideas. It was another best way to have a perfect beginning of winter season with activity.
Here comes the elementary kind of snowman crafts for preschoolers. They do not find any chances to work with a mess. The materials used are different coloured papers, disposable glasses and glowing eyes with some common supporting items.

Both kids and adults are fond of pop up based snowman craft ideas that needs no special skills. It is just vital to keep our concentration on those unique foldings, which makes that art of pop up. This time we had colourful ‘Snowman Making’ as our Saturday activity.

In order to accomplish the activity students were asked to bring five disposable glasses, cotton. Chitra ma’am and Palak ma’am helped the students colouring the tiny snowmen. Renuka ma’am and Ranjana ma’am helped little champs pasting and fixing the snowmen inside transparent disposable glasses. It turned out to be another best activity for tiny tots’ fine motor skill development.

At the end the activity, teachers explained the importance of Christmas festival. Students came to know more about snowman and winter season. Also, they came to know the importance of warm and woolen clothes during winter season. Kids learned following words doing this activity.

  1. Winter
  2. Cold
  3. Snow
  4. Glue
  5. Paste
  6. Fun
  7. Glass
  8. Eyes
  9. Cap
  10. Sweater
  11. Muffler

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