The shift of Sun in the sky marks the beginning of the end of winters and longer, brighter and shinier days are here to inspire us and fill us with energy.

This time of the year is celebrated thorough out the country by different names but the same zeal. The celebration at BLISS started on the evening of 13th January with the Lohri bonfire. Everyone gathered around bonfire and offered prayers with till-gud revris and peanuts to burn the worries and negativities and lit our life with brightness and warmth. Everyone enjoyed the warmth of bonfire with songs and dances.

The morning Sun of Makar Sankranti was heartily welcomed by our children on 14th of January as they excitedly waited to show their kite flying skills. With music on the full blast all children were so full of energy and enthusiasm and it showed as the grey of the sky was soon filled with bright and colourful kites. Children enjoyed every bit of Sun on the cold chilly winter day and learnt the important life lesson that No matter how much adverse the situations are in life, never give up as the Kites fly higher against the winds, and not with it.

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