Krishna, the supreme God, is worshipped not only in India but all over the world. Krishna was born on ashtami tithi of bhadrapad month and this day is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami. At BLISS we celebrated Janmashtami with great enthusiasm. A special morning assembly was conducted with beautiful songs and a fancy dress competition for primary classes. Students in the get up of Radha and Krishna looked so happy and joyful that one could actually feel the presence of the divine in their innocence. In the classes, craft activities related to Janmashtami were conducted, like flutes and headgear ( Mor Mukut) were made using paper. Students were excited to know stories about Bal Gopal (baby Krishna) and how he loved wearing Mor Mukut and used to play flute to his friends and Radha.

In evening, Dahi handi program was organised for boarders. All children made teams and very enthusiastically made human pyramid and gathered all their strength to break the earthen pot hanging at a height on the rope. It marks the significance of the cute prankster Krishna stealing makhan from the houses of Gopis.
With these cultural celebrations, our children learn a lot about our indian culture and the joy and innocence of childhood is kept alive which they will treasure for life.

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