Students of grade XII agriculture paid an  educational tour on 16th Sunday, 2018 to Jaipur. In this tour they visited wholesale flower market and cold storage.

Their main objective of this tour was to know about flower market activities and how fruits and vegetables can be preserved under controlled conditions ( i.e. cold storage). The wholesale flower market was situated in Near Chandi Ki Taksal, Badi Chaupad known as Janata Market. A team of 8 students reached in the monrning when market  activities were going on. Everyone was busy in buying and selling .

In Jaipur, this is the market which is very big according to turn over and capacity of flower marketing. Various types of flowers were arriving here for trading like marigold, rose, Ilium, Chrysanthemum etc. The whole market scented with the smell of these flowers. The students meet the wholesaler and asked various types of questions. We came to know that most of flowers are grown by local farmers residing nearby villages.

In the morning whole market area was overcrowded  with people and flowers. According to wholesalers up to 12 noon market is closed and nothing remains left. By the 12 noon every single flower is sold out.

Then the group headed to see cold storage named Shri Balaji Cold Store located in Muhana mandi. This is one of the biggest fruit and vegetable market in Jaipur. Students were allowed to go inside with the permission of owner Mr. Pawan Kumar. This cold storage was built in 8 Crore rupees and state government gives 40 % subsidy on the storage capacity of fruits and vegetables. Various types of fruits and vegetables were kept there like apples, Malta, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, dry fruits, dates etc for long time storage. The agro commodities were preserved under controlled cold temperatures to market them in offseason. The cold storage comes under time-utility ie. fruits and vegetables are supplied In India anywhere throughout the year.

Apart from this, students visited some historical places to gain some knowledge about history like Nahargarh Palace, Nahargarh Zoological park, Lake Palace etc.

This educational tour was very enriching in terms of understanding functioning of market. Children connected the trip with their bookish knowledge. It gave them opportunity to connect the class room learning to real life knowledge. The trip was organized under supervision and direction of Mr Harish Yadav.

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