Amidst the rousing melodies, the Sri Ganesha Murthi which has received daily worship in the BLISS for last five days was brought to the base steps of the boys hostel this evening. All the BLISSIANS throng for this final ceremony of the Ganesha Chaturthi festival to join in honor of the beloved Remover of Obstacles. As the fruits and flowers, incense were offered and the arati flame was lit everybody was overwhelmed.

Principal SS Rathore made coin offerings to Ganesha before waving a coconut around their head three times and offering it at His feet, seeking His blessings.School manager Hemant Verma also received blessings og ganesha on the occasion.  After bhajans and arati were performed, Sri Ganesha was carefully lifted to lap with the musicians leading the way.

Ganesha was then led in a procession across the BLISS campus, and out through the front  gate toward the Bisalpur dam. There were all the schoolchildren filled with energy, and the innocence and enthusiasm of the bhajans and jaikara they made for Ganesha  entire way added greatly to the celebratory spirit. During the procession all the staff members and their family members accompanied Ganesha.

Finally, the procession arrived at the chosen spot on the Bisalpur dam, and Ganesha was brought to the tide’s edge. Staff members and students joined in and braved the waves, carrying Ganesha into the dam, where He was to become one with earth and water.

This immersion ceremony symbolizes the form (physical existence) returning to the formless (spiritual existence). Its purpose is to teach that all forms of God, including human beings, have both their beginning and end in the one Formless Absolute. In this light, the worship of God’s form actually serves as a bridge, helping us to reach that state of Infinite Awareness. Just as Ganesha today merged with Mother earth, so too is our consciousness destined to merge into the supreme Consciousness.

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