Dussehra was celebrated with enthusiasm and devotion. A short Nritya-Natika (Dance drama) was presented by children. They enacted the Ramayana and tried to underline the adage that Truth only triumphs. The dance-Drama  organized depicting the story of Ramayana which culminates in the killing of Ravana.  Jaikara of lord Rama resounded the whole campus, when the Rama pulled to final arrow to kill the Ravana, the whole audience was overjoyed. Dussehra celebration spreads the message of the victory of good over sin.

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi, is a major Indian festival celebrated on the tenth day of Ashvin month .The day culminates a 9 day fasting period of Navratri in the Hindu culture. The day is celebrated to commemorate the killing of Ravana by Lord Rama .Largely, the day is celebrated to commemorate the prevalence of good over evil The day also  coincides with immersion of the idol of Goddess Durga. The day also celebrates the killing of demon Mahishasur by Goddess Durga. It is believed that the celebration of Dussehra started in the 17th century, when the king of Mysore ordered the celebration of the day on a grand scale.

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