The greatest significance of Diwali is to light up new, bright and colorful dreams, fresh hopes and undiscovered ways. Diwali is synonymous with the celebrations of life and to make this festival special. In order to introduce our young BLISSIANS . “Diya Decoration” as a Saturday Activity was conducted in Pre-Primary classes on 27th October 2018. Children brought Diyas and decorative material for this activity. Teachers helped them in arranging Moti, Decorative stones and other decorative materials in proper way. All students were very excited and full of energy to accomplish the activity. In between the activity, students enjoyed Diwali songs and the story of Ram and Sita.

Mrs Renuka Rathore mesmerized the young Blissians with God Ramchandra story. The way she started the story using voice modulation all the students could not blink for a second until the story ended. Through story, she narrated the significance of Diwali festival.

After story time, Mrs Palak Lakhera and Chitra Najwale introduced and suggested different ways of decorating Diya. Students were allowed to decorate Diya the way they want. This idea turned out fruitful when young minds came up with their creative and innovative art of Diya decoration. Mrs. Ranjana Thakur helped the students to carry out their imagination into reality while looking after them. Diya decoration enhanced their creative mind and their creativity even more. Message was loud and clear in their beautiful decoration that ‘Diya Decoration’ activity was very successful.

Mrs Ranjana Thakur summarized at the end of the activity whatever they did in activity. Also, she rephrased and re-used the words they used during the activity.

Material used :- Moti,Gota,Sheesha,Glue ,Tape, Quickfix, Sparkles, Shining Stones etc.

Vocabulary Used:

1.      Decorate
2.      light
3.      safety
4.      round
5.      Hold
6.      presenceenjoy
7.      Over turn
8.      Carefully
9.      Staple it
10.  Paste

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