Cleanliness is the emblem of purity of mind. Cleanliness is a habit, which should be inculcated right from the tender age where a child starts learning to speak. It starts from home and school plays a very important role in developing positive habits which shape up their personalities.

Following CBSE guidelines for Cleanliness drive for Swachh Bharat, BLISS observed Swachhata Pakhwada from Sept 1st to Sept 15th. It started with Swachhata shapath on 2nd Sept, Monday. In morning assembly students and staff of BLISS took pledge of cleanliness, Swachhata shapath, to contribute towards sanitation drive. Pledge was taken to remain committed towards cleanliness and devote 100 hours per year, that is, two hours per week for cleanliness.

During the whole week, students were told about importance of cleanliness, personal hygiene, keeping our surroundings clean through various activities. Students presented skits on ‘Clean India, Green India’ and ‘Stop littering’ themes in assembly to create awareness among other students. Students presented wonderful self composed skit showing the comparison between other countries and India and urged everyone to keep our surroundings, out city clean to attract more tourists and make India shine on the global platform.

During the next week pre-primary students learnt about importance of hand washing through a show and tell activity. Campus cleaning was organised for all students from pre primary to class 12th. Students realised that it’s not only the work of the sweeper to clean the garbage but also our moral responsibility to ensure that we make it our habit to put the garbage in the waste bin.
Different Art and craft activities were conducted like poster making, slogan writing and dustbin making from cardboard boxes.

SN Area Class Teachers on Duty
1 Basket Ball Grounds Class 1,2,3, Munmun Kar, Monika,  Preeti Rawat
2 Foot ball Ground  6 A B , 7 OM Prakash, Ankur Sharma,  Arpita
3 Hand ball ground Pre primary Classes Pre primary Teachers
4 Temple Ground (In front of Mess) 11 Preeti Meena,  PAWAN ,  Sanju Nama, Surendra
5 Volley ball  ground (In front of Girls Hostel) 8 B, 9 B Ashok Takur,  Divya Pareek,  Kshitij,
6 Road side – Girls hostel to staff quarters 8A Bhuvaneshwary,  Sunita Ch.
7 Road Side Area- Mess to Guest House Class 4 Dilip Lakhera,  Maya
8 Road Side- Guest House To  School Porch 9 A Neelima Thakur,  Kanchan Avasthi,
9 Road Side- School Porch to Pre primary  wing Class 5 Nisha,  Alhad Kale

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