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Cleanliness Drive for Swachh Bharat –Swachh Pakhwada


Cleanliness is the emblem of purity of mind. Cleanliness is a habit, which should be inculcated right from the tender age where a child starts learning to speak. It starts from home and school plays a very important role in developing positive habits which shape up their personalities. Following CBSE guidelines for Cleanliness drive for Swachh Bharat, BLISS observed Swachhata Pakhwada from Sept 1st to Sept 15th. It started with Swachhata shapath on 2nd Sept, Monday. In morning assembly students and staff of BLISS took pledge of cleanliness, Swachhata shapath, to contribute towards sanitation drive. Pledge was taken to remain [...]

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Teachers’ Day


Parents give you life, but it's your teacher who shapes up your personality and guide you towards the right path in your life. Teacher's day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Sarvapalli Dr Radha Krishnan who is remembered for his exceptional work in the field of education. Students of BLISS organised a great event to show their love and respect to their teachers on teacher's day. A special program was organised by students of class 11th and 12th during first half of the day. All the teachers were greeted with flowers and cards made by students [...]

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Sports Day


What do you get when you put together a group of energetic, restless, and mischievous kids in a room? Chaos and noise, if you ask a school teacher! Getting a group of kids to pay attention in a classroom is no easy task. Whether it is a party or inside a classroom, games and activities are the best tools to keep children engaged. A fun or challenging activity can keep them focused on what you are saying. Sports are the best way to take toddlers attention and to make them warm up to get ready to fight the chilly [...]

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Diya Decoration


The greatest significance of Diwali is to light up new, bright and colorful dreams, fresh hopes and undiscovered ways. Diwali is synonymous with the celebrations of life and to make this festival special. In order to introduce our young BLISSIANS . "Diya Decoration" as a Saturday Activity was conducted in Pre-Primary classes on 27th October 2018. Children brought Diyas and decorative material for this activity. Teachers helped them in arranging Moti, Decorative stones and other decorative materials in proper way. All students were very excited and full of energy to accomplish the activity. In between the activity, students enjoyed Diwali [...]

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Tiny tots Dancing on Garba track


The traditional Garba dance has gained much popularity over a period of time in across India, which has a sizeable mix of Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati population. As for celebrations, some play Garba to earn the blessings of the goddess. In order to introduce new generation with our tradition and traditional dance, we chose ‘Garba Dance’ as Saturday Activity on October 20, 2018. Garba dance is good to gain energy and one of the best activities to develop gross motor skills in among the students. Pre-primary teachers quenched students’ thirst of curiosity about why they are on traditional bright [...]

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Fruit Day celebration


Saturday activity. It was a day with a difference for these little ones of the BLISS here, when they celebrated ‘Fruit Day’. Fruits Day was celebrated in Pre-Primary section on 22 nd of September2018. The programme was part of a novel method of familiarising children with fruits and more importantly, making them understand that fruits are essential part of daily meal. Teachers taught the toddlers the fun behind sharing foods with friends. Preprimary students were part of the celebrations. Each student brought one variety of fruit that was first displayed and then cut to make a fruit [...]

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Ganesha Visarjan : The immersion ceremony


Amidst the rousing melodies, the Sri Ganesha Murthi which has received daily worship in the BLISS for last five days was brought to the base steps of the boys hostel this evening. All the BLISSIANS throng for this final ceremony of the Ganesha Chaturthi festival to join in honor of the beloved Remover of Obstacles. As the fruits and flowers, incense were offered and the arati flame was lit everybody was overwhelmed. Principal SS Rathore made coin offerings to Ganesha before waving a coconut around their head three times and offering it at His feet, seeking His [...]

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