Kanhaiya Lal Choudhary


Every great dream begins with a dreamer and it was the dream of my father Shri Bannalal Choudhary who laid the foundation of BLISS.

The people of rural background of Todaraisingh and nearby places had the dreams to rise and shine but did not have the wings to fly against all adversities, so with the blessings of my father and my aspirations and passion this project was given shape to shape up the lives of hundreds of children of this native and nearby areas.
As it is rightly said that teamwork makes the dream work, great things are never done by one person. BLISS is blessed with dedicated teams of academic as well as non academic staff and support staff. Right from the construction to the great launch of this world class institution, the dedicated staff propelled by motivation, endurance and perseverance helped us in achieving this goal of turning caterpillars into butterflies.

The goal of education in the 21st century is the mastery of information, embedded knowledge and understanding and the advanced use of technology in society. It should allow our students to also master the learning process, to engage with their curriculum, own and direct their learning in their own individual and flexible ways.  The goal of education should be to provide complex learning environments for student’s which incorporates authentic learning, assessing and personal development.

I am happy that we are going in right direction to achieve the goals of education with the help of all the stakeholders.

Thanks to be with us !

Dear Students and Parents

I welcome all the parents, students and each stakeholder on this domain!

I and my whole team is on an expedition to discover the true qualities that lead to outstanding achievement. Globalization has made the world more vulnerable and it creates a world without borders. So we need to prepare our children to become global-smart citizens.

B L International Smart School(BLISS) upholds the ethos and values of Indian culture with a blend of powerful modern technology. We are equipped with excellent infrastructure, zero pollution environment with world class teaching tools to inspire students to engage both in academics as well as enriching extra -curricular programmes. We ensure our students are groomed in such a manner so that they grow up to become global-smart citizens and can adapt to any kind of environment easily.

A culture of creative thinking, inquisitiveness, resilience and independence is inculcated in students right from pre primary level to build a strong foundation for future. Our dedicated and talented team of faculty members with their experience and excellent academic expertise are actively engaged in making excellence happen every day.

Come, Join us, grow and be a change maker in the lives of students!


Radha Choudhary


Shakti Singh Rathore

Dear parents and all the stakeholders

I welcome you all on behalf of BLISS! I am leading a dedicated team to make life blissful @ BLISS. Every teacher is making a difference in the lives of children in every single slot spent with children.

I congratulate all the parents who have opted BLISS for their children to be shaped for future and life.

We are committed to prepare our students for the present and future by inculcating 21st century skills. This century is for Creativity, Collaboration, Critical thinking and communication. By igniting the various faculties of brain we are making inquisitive children. We are developing the thinking habit to strike upon ideas, kindle the creativity and pushing them into global communication habits.

In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power. We are making children to acquire relevant knowledge which is crucial to chase and realize their wildest dream.

BLISS by providing all modern amenities; arousing interest in academics and co-curricular activities.

BLISS will prove a cradle for future leaders and tool for that is our pedagogy which has adopted technology. This year first batch will be graduating, and we are hopeful to make a history.

Let’s give our children a growth mindset, self awareness, persistence and perseverance to seize the opportunities. Boost our children to produce astounding outcomes in digital era to compete globally. Let’s take them to a significant shift from didactic to modern approach with Indian ethos.
I hope we will pull through by seeking your association. We are growing, we are on the wave, join us, very soon we are going to strike upon a new Sigmoid curve!

Best wishes