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BL International School ushers you to a future with limitless learning opportunities for every child. As a school, we believe in promoting the academic and social development of all students in a safe and friendly environment, teaching each child to be compassionate, to be respectful and to be responsible. The breadth of our curriculum and our wide range of facilities, which can be best compared with international standards, thus allow each child to explore his or her academic, sporting, cultural and personal potential to the fullest.
The school seeks to blend academics with practical knowledge in a unique ecosystem. This amalgamation will be synchronized with the values, which will transform each student into an asset for society. The curriculum has been designed to inculcate a multi-dimensional approach in problem solving through teamwork and research. We strongly believe that every student is unique in terms of creative talent, interests and inclination. Hence, our customized approach towards each student nurtures each child into a confident individual, capable of coping with the challenges of tomorrow.
For our team of able teachers, teaching and learning offer them numerous opportunities to focus on a number of ‘small things’ that culminate over time to produce students who are prepared to do the ‘great things’ in life. We view our parents as equal partners in providing children with meaningful educational experience; thus helping us in our mission to transform each child into a complete personality once the child steps out from the school to seek his or her rightful position in society.


B L International Smart School is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

  • Audio Visual Room – The Audio Visual Room is equipped with a television, tape-recorder, over-head projector, computer and LCD Projector.

  • Computer Lab – Internet-enabled computer lab with over a 30 computers is designed to meet the students’ Information Technology needs.

  • Science Lab – Three science laboratories provide requisite hands-on experience which is the heart of science teaching.

  • Performing Arts – A dedicated room is used to hone skills in vocal and instrumental music, dance and drama.
  • Art and craft – A bright, airy and inspiring room, which allows students to explore a variety of media ranging from fine art, painting, drawing and craft to give expression to their creativity.


By providing the best infrastructure, modern amenities, best faculties to create the learning situations to inculcate 21 st century skills: Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity . To adopt the latest pedagogy to maximize learning with Indian values.

Our Vision is to be the prominent residential school in country, producing future leaders with a global perspective and an Indian ethos. We aspire to develop well-rounded, independent thinker and confident individuals who can contribute great values to nation.

Plan a visit to BLISS Campus and explore its exceptionally beautiful and picturesque environment. It is situated on Jaipur Road,Toda Rai Singh near Tonk district in Rajasthan. It offers a pollution free environment far away from the maddening crowd of the city life.

An M.B.B.S. qualified resident Doctor looks after the health and hygiene of the students. Students who require extra care and treatment are referred to the Hospital, or to the Eye Hospital for eye ailments. Routine medical checkup of all students is carried out every year. Medical leave is only granted if the school authorities in consultation with RMO feels it so. Parents can not take  medical leave on their own.




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